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Rex Clifford T/5 was born on may 22, 1928 in Washington, DC. He left high school one year prior to graduation and enlisted in the US Army. The induction was at Ft. Meade, Maryland. Then, he was transferred to Camp Lee at Petersburg, Virginia, after basic training and *bivwac* at A.P. Hill, where Patton trained his 3rd Armor Division (Virginia). The next move was to Camp Stoneman, California.

Stoneman received orders to go to the Philippines, and then to Japan where Rex was part of the occupation forces for one year. After their ship Docked in Yokohama, Japan, his group was invited to join the 1st Calvary, but just as an attachment not as an assignment. The 11th Airborne personnel also was waiting at the Docks. These young Army guys were waiting to come up to Sendai, where the largest PX in all of Japan was located. After all the only requirement to be a paratrooper was to jump 5 times from a plane at 1200 feet, and one glider ride. For doing that, you got $50 extra per month as a jump pay. Each three months, you would have to jump again to keep your jump status. "Who could turn down such an offer at 17 years of age, with another 20% overseas pay" -- not Rex Clifford.

Rex was a rated supply clerk in the 408th Airborne Quartermaster Company. He was in charge of all food supplies to hospital, 11th Airborne Division, and 8th Corp. He was responsible for all menus. Three quarters per day, and all supplies to General Swing's Headquarters.

During the Cold War period, Rex Clifford had to attend an infantry training for 7 days every 13 weeks. He also was on possible alert to jump into Siberia to fight against the Russians. If that would have happened, you would have this to read. All service for Clifford was after WW II. He was part of the relief for WW II veterans to go home. Among his awards, Rex awarded the WW II Victory medal, the Army Occupation medal in Japan, and Lapel *Butoom.

Currently, Rex Clifford is a distinguish member of the Space Coast All Airborne Chapter of the 82nd Airborne Division Association. He is always showing his support to his fellow troopers. Rex is proud to be part of the small part of the great airborne ranks.


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