If you were airborne, you were part of the best… The elite. No matter when or with which Airborne Unit you served. You volunteered to and survived jump school, earned your wings and became forever, a part of that worldwide fraternity, to which all troopers belong.

William P. Yarborough, one of the pioneers of the US Airborne, said, “… Those who choose to become a military parachutists must sometimes during the process, prove to themselves that they possess certain inner strengths that set them apart from many of their fellow human beings”.

“It is probably the self-confidence and self-respect which successful paratrooper training reveals nurtures, that has made the airborne soldiers of all nations so formidable on the field of battle.”

We are doctors, dentists, lawyers, airline employees, truck drivers, blue collar and white collar, white, black and Hispanic. We are not interested in your social status, your race or how much money you have. Our common bond is that we were all Airborne. Join us — be Airborne.

What is the 82nd Airborne Division Association?

The association is 26,000 (and growing) members who have been or are now paratroopers and glidermen. We hold a charter from the Congress of the United States. There are currently 109 chapters across the Country, and more forming every year. Most chapters meet monthly and a social period follows the meeting; through the year, there’s always something going on, parades, picnics, Christmas parties, fund raisers, and installation of officer dinner/ dances, to name a few. Chapters also publish newsletters periodically to keep their members informed of events affecting them, such as VA news and the relaying of information from National Headquarters.

The goals and purposes of the association are to maintain the bond of friendship and comradeship formed in war and peace among the members of the airborne fraternity, to ensure the Airborne concept is always a part of the National Defense of our Country, and to support today’s Airborne soldier.